Why Advertise
Discover the many reasons your company will benefit by advertising with the Twin Cities #1 Home Improvement magazine.
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Twin Cities #1 Home Improvement Magazine

It’s Visual

Your beautiful Ad will draw their attention, appeal to their interests and persuade readers to take action.

It’s Targeted

Reach your best audience! Shop Wise Magazine is solo mailed in the Twin Cities suburbs to single-family owner-occupied homes. Marketing for affluent homeowners with discretionary income. Reach the prospects who are most likely to respond to your offer giving you a better ROI.

It’s Affordable

With our magazine format and targeted mailing, we’ll give you the best value for your ad dollars.

It’s Proven

Research shows direct mail is the most effective advertising media available. You are able to track the success of your ad.

It’s Online

Shop Wise Magazine will help drive traffic to your website.
When a reader clicks on your ad, it links directly to your website.